About Solar Screen

How It Works

Solar Screen uses its state of the art backpack sprayer technology to evenly and safely spread lightweight sunscreen on event attendees. Our roving backpack make it easy for Solar Screen ambassadors or event employees to meet attendees where they are for a coat of sun protection.

Why Our Partners Love Solar Screen

Having Solar Screen at your next event not only enhances guests experiences but protects them from unwanted skin damage from sun exposure. All of our team members follow the SSS (Solar Screen Standard) that ensures an adequate screening of your skin administering the perfect amount of sun protection to nourish and fully protect your skin. All our team members are First Aid & CPR trained and prepared to handle any heat related emergencies.

Meet Our CEO: Darion Burks

Darion Burks is a professional project manager who has an exceptional entrepreneurial drive to create, plan and execute ideas that help people. He has his sights set on making an impact on the world through SolarScreen. Darion wants to spread awareness of the growing numbers of skin cancer diagnoses caused by overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. SolarScreen uses high-quality sun protection and offers it as a lower-cost alternative to other, inferior options.

Meet Our Team

Solar Screen has a team of dedicated ambassadors that are passionate about promoting sun protection and helping attendees avoid sun damage by applying sunscreen with our sprayers. The Solar Screen team proudly represents our partners’ brands and upholds each company’s standards. Allow our team to work with yours at your next big event!