Providing Skin Protection

for Outdoor Fun


Solar Screen is dedicated to spreading

awareness and fighting against skin

cancer in the community one spray at a


How Solar Screen Protects Your Attendees from Sun Damage

With our patented spraying technology, Solar Screen provides roving sunscreen protection for outdoor enthusiasts. Using our ultra-light sun screen distribution sprayer, attendees at outdoor events can enjoy their time in the sun without worrying about bringing or reapplying sunscreen. Providing sun protection demonstrates goodwill and care for the people that gather at your venue.

Our Services Include

Roving Ambassadors // Self-Administered Stands // Education Programs // Marketing Opportunities with Program Extensions

Outdoor Enthusiasts Love Being Protected by SolarScreen

The Truth About Sun Exposure

  • Skin Cancer The Most Common US Cancer. Two People Die Every Hour from Skin Cancer.

  • Current Lack Of Public Knowledge Of Harmful UV Sun Rays (Cancer, Aging & Sunburns)

  • Cancer Cases Grew 47% Over Last Decade (2010-2020)

SolarScreen is fun, quick, effective and appreciated by sun-loving event attendees!

Solar Screen is Everywhere You Are

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