Our Services

Give the gift of sunscreen

protection against skin damage at

day-long outdoor gatherings.

Show attendees of your outdoor events that their skin health is your top priority. Provide sun protection with our patented technology anywhere from the beach, concerts, parks or anywhere else the sun is shining. Solar Screen offers an array of application types to suit your attendees needs. Provide easy to access sunscreen through self-services stations or ambassador dispensed spray with our backpack technology.


Self-serve stations for attendees to use when they need it

Fully customizable logo wrapping for unique branding

Place as many as you need throughout venue

Free standing or wall mounted placement of dispensers


Contactless spray application with Solar Screen backpacks

Hands-free application

Even distribution of sunscreen with sprayer technology

Apply on attendees’ hard to reach areas such as backs


Teach your attendees about the risks of sun exposure and how to prevent it

Literature provided by leading research foundations on skin cancer and care

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to sun safety


Take partnership to the next level with partnership tie-ins

On-site stage, administrative tent, outdoor & mobile signage

Giant UV level billboard columns throughout venue

Retail traffic and sales building coupons and incentives

End of day samples and handouts at exit

Applying and reapplying sunscreen has never been easier or cheaper than it is now, thanks to our highly efficient sprayers. Solar Screen offers the convenience of a “serving” of sunscreen without the customer having to worry about leaving to get more.

We team up with venues and organizations to support skin health at sunny, outdoor events to help minimize the risk of skin cancer. We are also able to rent the sprayers to organizations for use at corporate events.